Friday, September 24, 2021

How's That Autocross Going?

Hey, thanks for asking! Right now I'm in 6th place, so holding steady in the top 10 for this year. There are three big events in October, and then the season finale in November, so plenty of more points up for grabs. My work schedule looks like I can make 3 of the 4 events, so we'll see how things go. 

Of course the points listed above is just part of the story, here's why. At the end of the year the official standings will allow each driver to "Drop Two" of their lowest scoring events, and THAT will give us the final standings. In other words, even if I miss one more event, that gives me only a couple of zeros from missing two events, so all my points will count. For drivers that compete at every event, they still have to drop their 2 lowest scores. 

What does all that mean? Well, it means that I need to keep driving faster, score more points, and then see what everyone else does! I can't control how fast the other drivers are, so I can only work on making my car go faster. 

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