Saturday, September 11, 2021

Lime Rock Park Part 2

At the Historic Races on Labor Day weekend at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, here's a short video of racing, and some more interesting automobiles spotted in the infield and on the grounds. What a fantastic track and a great event! Let's start with a short video: 

Lime Rock is a  nice location, surrounded by the green hills of northwest Connecticut. The track doesn't offer any grandstands, so you can camp out on the grass, bring a lawn chair, and enjoy the racing where you find a good spot. 

Over the weekend there are a lot of cars on display that are not racing, so let's take a look!

Some older Porsches, my wife would call these M&M colors!

One of the Mariners checks out a 68 Mustang

The distinctive Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa Series 2

Europa front view

Peugeot wagon

Peugeot wagon, rear door opens up

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 

Alfa Romeo

Morris Minor

The Simca cars from France had a pretty good run, started by FIAT, and later 
went through other owners until being discontinued by Chrysler



A new Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The Taycan is all electric, so while it 
doesn't have a turbo, they keep the name turbo for higher performance models

No connection to the seller, but this Lancia Delta is for sale!

Lancia Delta

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