Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Historic Races at Lime Rock Park

Skip Barber, with the USMMA Auto Club

If you follow automobile racing in the USA, you've likely heard the name Lime Rock Park. I'd never visited until Labor Day weekend, so I can happily report that it's a great place to watch some car racing! I'll even go WAY out on a limb and say it's a great place to drive on track too, but I haven't done that yet. 

In one of my previous jobs I was sent to Detroit for the North America International Auto Show, and that was kind of like a dream come true, having to attend the biggest car show in the US for WORK! Well, Lime Rock was kind of like that, when a co-worker couldn't make it this year he asked me to fill in for him. The assignment, attend Lime Rock during the Historic Racing day, along with students from our school (The United States Merchant Marine Academy) that served as the Color Guard for the National Anthem. Hmmm, let me get this straight, drive up to Lime Rock with great students, hang out at the track all day, and then come home. For free. OK, sign me up! 

One of the well known automotive legends associated with Lime Rock Park is Skip Barber, and since he was there and involved with the brief ceremony, we managed to get him together with the students for a photo. Long story short, the weather was great, we saw incredible cars, and you should put Lime Rock for Labor Day weekend in 2022 on your calendar NOW and be there next time! Oh, and they offer free admission to military and veterans!

We were able to walk around the paddock, see exhibits, talk to drivers, and just had a great day. The weekend includes several days of racing, as well as a Sunday car show on the track. Heck, I even ran into my driving instructor Steve Drgon from the Porsche Club of America. Here's a look at just SOME of the scenery and historic racing cars we spotted. Look for more next time on the blog. 

Ferrari Dino foreground, dark red Alfa Romeo in the background



Porsche 914

Alfa Romeo 

Alfa Romeo detail

Lamborghini Diablo on display

BMW 2002

Ginetta, one of several under this tent!

1933 Plymouth Speedster, see next photo for info

Jaguar E-Type

Stutz hood ornament


Ferrari motor

One of many Jaguars from Donovan Motorsports

AC Cobra

AC closer

McLaren Senna driving by

This Mercedes on display got a lot of attention

Now I know that Hummel Brothers is the official hot dog of Lime Rock Park!

Skip Barber is mostly known for starting a race car driver school, although he
has sold the business a while ago, they continue instructing today

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