Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Watkins Glen (Again)

18 inch wheels back on the Cayman

Two years ago the NMS team enjoyed a great Fall weekend driving on track at Watkins Glen in NY, and this weekend, well, I'm doing it again! In preparation for two fun filled days of driving and braking (that's with an A, not "breaking") and generally having fun, this week I've swapped out some everyday wheels for my better-go-to-the-track wheels and tires. In addition, I swapped out my everyday front brake pads for a brand new set of Ferodo race-type brake pads, so we'll see how they hold up with two days of serious use. 

19 inch wheel, with awesome Tire Hanger Tool

In two previous trips to the Glen, I've had an instructor in the car with me, but during this event with NASA I've advanced to HPDE group 2, so I can do it solo. The great thing about NASA or any other group is that you can still ask for an instructor to ride along and help you out, offer tips, and/or laugh at what you're doing, depending on the personalities of those involved! So for my previous instructors at this track, Kyle Ray-Smith and Steve Drgon, thanks for getting me this far!

One wheel off, ready for swapping brake pads

A few months ago I hit the track at the Glen and with an instructor's help, managed to improve my driving and try some trail braking, so this weekend I'll try to pick it up from there and keep things smooth on the track. As a non-racer type of guy, I should just work on being consistent FIRST and worry about higher speeds and lower lap times SECOND. At least I know that's what I SHOULD do!

Look for some reports on how it went, photos, and some videos next week! 

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