Saturday, August 28, 2021

Thunder at the Glen 2021!

Photo by Wind Shadow Studio, thanks to NASA NE

Way back in the 2019 pre-Covid era, NMS and friends met up at Watkins Glen and had a great weekend on track with the NASA Northeast group in the fall. Guess what? We're putting the band back together, and heading for the NASA NE "Thunder at the Glen" in 2021 too! Way up in NY is a long haul for NMS-South and friends, but the Glen is just worth it! Plus, it will be Columbus Day weekend, although not everyone gets a day off on Columbus Day. I'm looking forward to this weekend in the Cayman, and ideally applying my lessons learned from 3 days at the Glen in July.

Brian at Watkins Glen


The Little Speed Shop has all your car/driver needs at Watkins Glen

Here's a link to the event this year THUNDER AT THE GLEN

To see the variety of cars that will be driving: Driver List

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