Saturday, August 21, 2021

Car Spotting

Happy Saturday! I figured that the day before Hurricane Henri comes to Long Island that I should get out of the house, just in case we lose electricity or the entire island gets submerged! I drove by the nearby high-end shopping center Americana Manhasset, and here's a few sightings. Just another day in NY. Part 1: Ferrari

Magnifico parking, both cars inside the lines!

I liked the red wheel center caps too!

Similar, but not the same, different lights, rear end, tailpipes. 
You can see the awesome Camry parked between two SUVs in the background.

Just another white Ferrari

And of course the yellow Ferrari has the yellow center wheel caps. 

Part 2: Porsche

The all electric Taycan, this is a 4S model! I'd only seen them at the dealership. 

A 4 door all electric Porsche, SHAZAM!

Porsche Panamera 4S Executive
Lists at $99,700


Part 3: Here's something you don't see every day medley

I've spotted this Dacia in my neighborhood, it's very funky!

There under the Stop sign, a generic black SUV?

Not generic, the Lamborghini Urus!
For those who need a twin turbo V8 SUV that will go 190mph. 

I think you can see a family resemblance with the VW, Audi, and Porsche SUVs

Rolls Royce

I noticed that all four wheels had the RR logo upright, so I'm guessing that they
are built to always be like this when you park. 

The classic "Spirit of Ecstasy" ornament
How about something the rest of us can afford? The new Ford Bronco Sport!
Parking on the line again. 

Part 3: THIS? or THAT? Which car would you prefer, of the two parked side by side?

Would you prefer yellow or red in your Ferrari?

SUV battle; Hummer H2 or AMG G-Wagon 63 AMG?
If you buy one of these, please try to park inside the parking space. Thanks!
The 2021 G-Wagon starts at only $156,000 or so. 

This is a harder choice, I think it's the same model of Tesla. 
On the left, no roof rack and orange NY plate. 
On the right, roof rack, white NY plate. 
Both are charging up, there's a Tesla test drive place here. 

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