Sunday, August 8, 2021

August Autocross And Cars/Coffee Update


The NMS Cayman returned from Watkins Glen and jumped back into autocross action at the Nassau Coliseum today. Here's a look at the results from today:
Yes, we got rained out! So, on the way home from the Nassau Coliseum, I stopped by the local Cars and Coffee event. Here's a photo of EVERYONE that was at Cars and Coffee today:

Yes, Cars and Coffee was rained out too. Hey, maybe I took 1st in the Autocross and had the best German-Car-Built-in-Finland at Cars and Coffee today!!!

That makes for a very short blog post, so let me pass on a reminder to be safe on the roads out there! As an example, I can cite several bad drivers I saw yesterday, and I can only ask you to NOT do what they did. For example: 

1: STOP at all stop signs!
2: STAY in your lane, and don't pass in a residential neighborhood!
3: If it's raining, turn your lights on. In many places it's a law, but mostly it's a SAFETY thing for those BEHIND you. I can't see your car in the spray on the Interstate when it's wet, so turn those lights on. 
4: Speaking of lights on, even if you have awesome Daytime Running Lights, they probably don't illuminate your tail lights. Hey automobile makers, maybe you should fix this!
5: Here's my favorite, if you are turning LEFT, ACROSS traffic at a stop light, you should WAIT for the oncoming traffic (like me yesterday) to go straight and clear the intersection BEFORE you turn. Safety wise, and legal wise, that's what you are supposed to do, not just gun it at the light and beat the other guy. 
6: If you are changing lanes, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL. In New York it's another law, but mostly it's a safety thing! This brings us to one more related point:
7: If you are changing lanes into another lane with cars in it, signal, and then change lanes WHEN IT'S CLEAR. Do NOT just drive into MY LANE and force me out of your way Mr. SUV guy. Dang!

As Junior Brown implores us all in his song Highway Patrol:  "If you wanna race then get on a race track."

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