Monday, March 1, 2021

Wash Day

The rain and the snow finally stopped for part of the weekend, so it was time to get at least the first layer of dirt off of the cars. I've been happy with a new power washer from Ryobi, and I know there are really great car detailers out there, but I'm more of a basic "wash the big chunks off" kind of guy. A bucket of warm water with car washing soap, one big old sponge, and a power washer works OK. 

My theory is that with less dirt, leaves, bugs, etc on the car, that it will weigh less and go faster at the driving events coming up in March. For me that means 2 autocross events, and a track weekend all in March. Can't wait!

The old Toyota Camry is still going strong. Plenty of little dings and a few scratches on the outside. 

Ruby. Ruby Red Metallic. 

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