Saturday, February 27, 2021

Track Time Countdown


NMS-North will return to the track with the NASA NE folks on March 27-28 at New Jersey
Motorsports Park on the Lightning Course. NJMP is big enough to have 2 tracks, so maybe 
we'll go back some other time and run on the THUNDER side too. My track driving is not 
racing against other cars, so I'm working on improving my driving skills in what is called 
High Performance Driver Education, or HPDE. 

Down South, Brian has been getting fully prepped for some serious Time Trialing this year, 
now that he has a TT license. This week he's brought in some new G-Loc brake pads, and a
transponder for that official timing. More to come from him this year in the NMS track Miata 

OK, now that I've had this Cayman for a while, I know how to start the car and put gas in it, 
so those aren't the kind of things I'll learn in driver education. It's a little more advanced 
than that! Groups like NASA have a structured series of steps for drivers to go through as they
gain skills. What do you get for your "education?"  Eventually this can lead to getting a 
competition license if you want to do actual racing against other cars on track. If you don't want 
to go full on racing, fine, you can just improve your car handling skills and have fun!


You can check out the NASA FAQ on these type of events at this link: 

NASA starts drivers in the HPDE 1 group, and as they improve their skills and basically 
show that they can play well with others, progress up to HPDE 4. I'm hoping to move from 
group 1 to group 2 in March, so that's my next goal. You can do this in just about any car, 
although with most convertibles you need a roll bar, in addition to the helmets that are 
mandatory in all groups. Here's a look at the various cars signed up for my HPDE 1 driving 
sessions starting on Saturday:

Lexus     GS300
Honda    S2000
BMW      330ci
Toyota    Supra
Toyota    Supra
Acura      Integra
VW         GTI
Toyota    Supra
Porsche  Cayman
Porsche  Panamera
Subaru    Legacy GT Spec B
Infinity     Q50
Mini         Cooper
Toyota     Supra
Scion       FRS
Nissan     GT-R
Toyota     Supra
Toyota     86
Mazda     Miata
VW          Alltrack
Chevy     Corvette
Honda     Civic
BMW       M3
Toyota     Supra
Honda     Civic Type R
BMW       M3
Cadillac   ATS-V
Ford        Focus

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