Saturday, February 20, 2021

Who Sold the Most Cars in 2020?


According to this article from CNN CNN Auto Sales  Toyota sold the most vehicles world wide in 2020. For the previous few years, it was Volkswagen, and before that, Toyota. And way back in 2012 or so, it used to be General Motors. 

Up here at NMS-North we've done our part, at least in years past, since we own a Toyota (Camry) and a VW product (Porsche Cayman.) In the past we had a grand total of three VWs (2 Rabbits and a Fox, something about the animal names maybe?) but the Camry is our first Toyota. 

We tried to help Chrysler by buying a couple of Plymouths back in the day (Plymouth Neon, Plymouth Voyager mini-van) but heck, you can't buy ANY new Plymouths anymore. We had a few Fords (Mustang, Aerostar mini-van, Fiesta, Focus, etc) as well. Down at NMS-South they are supporting the Mazda/BMW/Chevrolet folks, but no VWs or Toyotas right now. 

Auto sales overall were down in 2020, I'll give you three reasons: Covid, covid, and COVID!

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