Monday, September 21, 2020

I Bought an Aston Martin for 75 Big Ones!


Checkered Flag win for Aston Martin LM GTE Amateur 2020. 

Yes, it's true, I just bought an Aston Martin for 75 big ones! Big, I mean HUGE, or really, SMALL, like, for 75 cents. As in, 75 US Cents, less than a dollar. You can't afford to NOT buy an Aston Martin for 75 cents! 

Well, I didn't exactly get a car, oh no, you certainly can't buy an Aston car for a few pennies. I bought a share of Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings for 75 cents a share. Worst case scenario, my HUGE investment goes to zero and I'm out the price of half a Coke Zero. Best case, who knows, it might actually ZOOM to the top of the investment world to maybe 76 cents a share, even the upper 77.5 cents a share! I'll be not only RICH, but RICHIE RICH RICH!

The real story with Aston Martin is that earlier this year they sold public stock, and unfortunately there's this little economic situation around the world, and the stock price has basically gone way down. Also this year, an investment group led by Canadian Lawrence Stroll bought a controlling interest in Aston Martin, and next year we'll see a real Aston Martin Formula 1 team racing around the world. They're going to rebrand the current Racing Point team as Aston Martin. Who knows, maybe with my one share of their stock they'll be interested in asking a real shareholder to drive the race car! Or accept a free car! Probably not!

Oh, Mr. Stroll also has a son named Lance. Lance Stroll is currently one of the Racing Point drivers, so we'll be seeing him drive for Aston Martin next year. Kind of handy when your dad owns the team! Here's the current Racing Point F1 team website: RACING POINT F1 TEAM

While we're talking about Aston Martin, we'll see some of their classic and some new cars in the next James Bond movie, if movies ever open again near you! This past weekend the Aston Martin folks had a great 24 hours at LeMans, taking first place in both the LM GTE Pro and LM GTE Am classes, so congrats! Check out the 24 Hours of Le Mans at: 24

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