Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How's That Fantasy F1 Team Doing?

We created an NMS Fantasy League in the official F1 Fantasy game on line and here's how things are going so far this year. Each player can create up to 3 teams, and I think the only reason I'm winning is that I started a week before the other guys! 

If you want to get in on the action, our NMS League Code is: 59696924b9 

And you can read all about it at and look for the GAMING and FANTASY links. 

        Fantasy F1

Once you get that far, you just have to pick 6 drivers and 1 team with your imaginary budget, and away you go!

  • #1
    Robert Team 3
    R. Nixon
  • #2
    Robert Team 2
    R. Nixon
  • #3
    Marc’s Marauders
    M. Roulier
  • #4
    Franz's Not Girly Men Domination Squad
    B. Nixon
  • #5
    Robert Team 1
    R. Nixon
  • #6
    Marc's DRS Zone
    M. Roulier

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