Sunday, September 13, 2020

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Experience

The BMW folks are coming back to CitiField with the 2020 version of their Ultimate Driving Experience, from October 30 to November 1st. NMS loves this event because we get to drive someone else's brand new cars, and they usually want you to drive them just one way, "faster." The COVID pandemic has cancelled a lot of driving and other events around the world (you might have noticed this!), so we're really happy to have more opportunities to drive this year. While the main goal of these manufacturer events is to sell cars and get more customers to try out their products, we've always had a blast at similar events no matter who was sponsoring them. While you can always go down to your local automobile dealer and ask for a test drive, it's just way more fun to participate in one of these events when they set up some driving challenges like off-roading, autocross, or just flat out stomp on the pedal straight-aways! You can read all about this event and sign up to get info when the registration is open: In previous blog posts we've written up our experiences with Ford, Jaguar, Abarth, and Lexus, so we'll see how this year's BMW event stacks up!

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