Thursday, January 23, 2020

Race Ready

This past weekend, the Bunch of Idiots lemons team converged for a final time to get the engine re-assembled and running. After a week of delays and shipping incorrect piston rings back and forth, we finally gathered the correct parts and got to work.
One piston in!

Saturday was spent carefully assembling the bottom end, then mating up the head and all the accessories. Sunday the new-to-us transmission was bolted up and everything hoisted into the car. Wiring was completed, cooling system flushed and plumbed, the exhaust bolted in place and I hopped in and fired it right up! First try! It's like we've done this before.
A little wiring cleanup for our aftermarket water temp gauge.

We went back and cleaned up some of the wiring that we found had gotten mildly damaged. The suspension components were checked over. We finished off installing my larger wheels to roll the car around while Kyle takes our race wheels to get flipped. We're feeling pretty good for the Barber race coming up. We're spending Friday before the race running the test session, spending the time to break in the motor and get re-acquainted with the track so we can push for our first top 10 finish.

Looking Hella Sweet! Ready to race!

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