Saturday, January 11, 2020

Can You Guess: Top Selling Cars 2019

Will any FIAT or TESLA cars make the TOP TWENTY LIST?
OK class, get yer pencils ready, it's quiz time! 

What were the top selling automobiles (cars, trucks, SUVs) in the USA during 2019?

Is your car on the list? Your next one? The opposite of this would be the least number of cars sold in
2019, which might  be the THREE Lexus LFAs sold last year. Yes, they sold 3 of those, even though
they were built a few years ago. You just never know what's still sitting on a dealer lot for sale out there! Well, unless you have the Internet and can actually Google stuff yourself!

We found this list in an article from Reuters, so let's count 'em down. 

20: Nissan Sentra   OK, good job Nissan, made the list! Former CEO is in exile in Lebanon, but hey, I had a Nissan from about 1986 or so, it was OK!

19: Nissan Altima  Hey, two Nissans in a row! Maybe they're the best?

18: Jeep Wrangler   Our first SUV in the top 20, from our friends at FIAT-Chrysler-Automobiles. 

17: GMC Sierra    Seriously, this is top selling USA autos, so we're going to see a lot of trucks too. 

16: Toyota Highlander  I just can't help it, every Highlander I see reminds me of the old TV show where the Highlander guy chops off bad guys heads and gains their power or some weird magic like that. There Can Be Only One!

15: Ford Escape  Did I mention lots of SUVs and Trucks are sold in the US? We had two Escapes back when they were true rectangles rolling down the road, and I can assure you that V6 power is  more than V4.

14: Jeep Grand Cherokee  Here's our second vehicle from FCA, an even bigger SUV. 'Merica!

13: Toyota Tacoma  Let's see, this makes 2 Nissans, 2 Toyotas, and 2 Fords. I bet we see more from all of them!

12: Honda Accord   All the recent reviews I've read of the Accord give it really high marks in your basic car category, so no wonder they sell a lot. Honda is busy in a lot of motor sports, builds plenty of cars in the USA, and still has a great reputation for building reliable cars. 

11: Tesla Model 3   The only electric car on the list, I was honesty surprised that Tesla sold enough to get on the list. I don't know that they're making money yet, but there are more and more of these on the road every day. 

10: Toyota Corolla   And Toyota jumps into the lead with 3 vehicles on the list so far. The Corolla name has been around for a long time, odds are that you've heard it!

9:   Honda Civic    Honda, again, see comments for the Corolla. 

8:   Toyota Camry      The Camry keeps rolling and rolling, and remained the top selling car (not SUV or truck) in the US in 2019. Here at NMS-N, we both make fun of the Camry for being the Everyman Car, and praise it for being dependable. Ours has over 130,000 miles, and other than regular maintenance, and a recent replacement of the suspension components we're ready for another 130,000 miles on this baby. 

7:   Chevrolet Equinox  A high selling SUV that starts around $24,000? Yep!

6:   Nissan Rogue    Another Nissan, the Rogue is an SUV, and despite their attempts sometimes to tie in with the Star Wars movies, it's their best seller in the USA, starts above $25,000. 

5:   Honda CR-V    Guess what? Another SUV, priced above $25,000. 

4:   Toyota RAV4   Toyota has been building this SUV for a good while now, like most of the top 20 listed here, currently starts at about $25,800. 

3:   Chevy Silverado   Now we're up to the big boys, the top three sellers on these shores, and the Silverado pickup has slipped a spot. Previously coming in at number 2, the $28,000 and up Silverado is still selling like free hotcakes, but has been passed up by a competitor. Still nothing to sneeze at, and in fact, it's considered rude to sneeze at another person's truck. 

2:   Ram   I really want to say the words "DODGE RAM", but RAM is now the brand, so this vehicle is also the Ram model I guess. Now out-selling the top Chevy pickup, congrats to FCA. I'm not a truck expert, so you can buy a RAM 1500 for $32,000 and up, or the RAM CLASSIC for more like $27,000. 

1:   Ford F-Series   Not a surprise, the Ford F series trucks are the top sellers in 2019. Starting in the mid $28,000 range, sure, you can go all out and probably hit six figures on a truck, and you would be looking a long time to find one on a dealer lot for that MSRP price, my guess is that most folks will spend $40,000 for their new truck. Your mileage may vary. 

To recap the brands in the top 20, Tesla has 1 listing. Ford, Honda, and Chevy have 2. GMC (Chevrolet and GMC) Nissan, Honda, and FCA (Jeep and Ram) take 3 spots a piece. Toyota leads the way with 5 different vehicles.

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