Saturday, January 4, 2020

Plans for 2020

Free Hat Courtesy of BMW
Not a Paid Endorsement
But We Do Speak "Bribe"
NMS has wrapped another fun filled year in 2019, mostly it was fun filled because we did a lot of STUFF. Doing a lot of stuff also meant not writing as much about it on the blog, so I guess you can't have everything! Mostly we'd like to encourage anyone reading this to also get out there and DO STUFF, whether with your car or not, just do something! And, if you can do it with your friends, or as a way to make new friends, well, that's what life's all about (besides the hokey pokey, but then, you'd look pretty silly doing the hokey pokey by yourself too, but don't let us stop you.)

Will Drive Lexus For Free!

Look for more Lemons racing from NMS-South in the Lemony-Good Miata, with both NMS drivers also planning to team up late in June at GingerMan Raceway in Michigan for another Lemons event. We haven't driven this track yet, but it's up in a great part of the country, and not too far from some relatives, so that makes it a great destination in 2020. So far this Miata has proven to be easy on the old tires and brake pads, so it's on the economical side for racing. Speaking of GingerMan, here's the link with tons of info on the facility: GingerMan

Oh, and speaking of the 24 Hours of Lemons Races, check out their website, or better yet one of their video race reviews on YouTube for more info. It's a LOT of fun! 24HOURSOFLEMONS

Austin Texas, Even the Rental Car Guys are Into Music!

NMS North is considering another full season of autocross, which could be influenced by purchasing some better wheels and tires. The tires make a big difference in auto-crossing, but either way, it's always fun to drive your fastest in a safe low-cost sport. Other plans for the FIAT will include some more HPDE track action in the Northeast somewhere, with the work schedule sure to play a part in what track we might visit. Watkins Glen last year and Pocono the year before were fun, so maybe someplace new this year would be an adventure. We've been very happy driving with the NASA  folks, check them out if you want to get on track too! NASA 

The new year is sure to be full of other surprises, car shows, following Formula 1 on TV, and just maybe we'll return to Austin Texas for the USA Grand Prix live again too. Or maybe we'll just go to Texas and eat BBQ!  For more info on the wonderful world of Formula 1 racing, here's the official website: F1

Fueled up For Formula 1 in Texas Means BBQ!
Speaking of Formula 1, with new races in Vietnam and a return to Holland in 2020, this should be an interesting year. But don't take my word for it, check out the official F1 site again to see what they think will be the top 10 things to watch for this year! F1 2020

As car drivin' fools, we'll even state that some of us might be looking for some new cars in 2020, subject to budgets, world financial health, garage space, and whatever else comes down the road. Down south, NMS welcomed a used tow rig and a trailer recently, to go with their two Miatas and the BMW, so you can see that the lonely FIAT Abarth at NMS-North is getting out-gunned and out-numbered! We won't release any details at this time, but with a potential move into a new NMS-North World Headquarters with a larger garage, more to follow. Your mileage may vary. Void in Hawaii and Mongolia. Live Music is Better.

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