Wednesday, January 15, 2020

December Lemons Recap

It's way past due, but now that the holidays are over, the NMS South crew is back in full force. December was fairly eventful with the Lemons Miata making it's third appearance and first visit to Road Atlanta. The weekend started out cold and wet, but slowly dried by the race start and continued to warm up over the weekend.
Taking a track walk Friday evening in the misty weather.

The Miata fell back to around 25th Saturday due to a few minor missteps but steadily clawed back. Our consistent driving and ever increasing pace pushed the car to a final finish in 14th position overall.  Were it not for a few laps missed from serving a questionable penalty and a minor spin, the team was on pace for a top 10 finish, keeping consistent with our 11th place from CMP.

All loaded up during a brief stop on the way to the track. 
One massive upgrade the team brought to the event was the arrival of the next generation of NMS towing capability. The 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 was purchased from friend of the team and Altima teammate, Adam. It brings the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine paired with the Allison 6 speed automatic transmission, four wheel drive, and a full crew cab. This towing behemoth handily totes the new-to-us 24' enclosed trailer to deliver the Miata to the track with room to spare.
Complete with space heaters, chairs and a track-side view, the trailer was the best seat in the house.

The truck and trailer were welcomed by all our friends in paddock around us as we huddled inside with propane heaters to fend off the wind and cold. We're committed to continuing to race, so having an enclosed space that can be heated or cooled will keep us comfortable whenever or wherever we race.
Hanging out in paddock with the 350Z crew.

Special shout out to good friend of the team, Jason who completed the build of a Nissan 350Z and debuted it that same weekend. They had great pace with new drivers but first race reliability and a few black flags kept them behind the Miata. We're looking forward to some great competition from them in the future.

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