Sunday, September 29, 2019

Watkins Glen International

If you are a racing fan, you might know that Formula 1 (the greatest racing in the world) has taken place at multiple locations in the US. Coming up in November, the F1 tour will be in Austin Texas at the Circuit of the Americas, on a track built just for F1 that has become a regular stop over it's short 8 year life. In previous years, F1 has raced at Long Beach CA, Dallas TX, Las Vegas NV, Indianapolis IN, and several other places. Watkins Glen NY has the distinction of having hosted the most F1 races in the USA (20 years), and that's where NMS will be driving next weekend!
Of course we won't be driving IN an F1 race, or in any real race at all, but we WILL be on the track working on driving skills. Look for a ton of info after the event right here, guaranteed to be chock full of photos, nonstop writing, and whatever else general goofiness happens in upstate NY. Here's a short technical update from NMS-North. 
The engineers and data analysis team at NMS-North has been doing a deep dive of long term performance data from previous track events, made the following recommendations for next weekend’s two-day track HPDE at Watkins Glen. For the FIAT Abarth, the team will continue with the Bridgestone RE-71R tire compounds, having found them to deliver good bang-for-the-buck value in both wet and dry driving conditions. The Tire Analysis Team (TAT) predicts that one set of used tires will get the car through the entire weekend, resulting in the need for new tires for 2020 via the NMS Tire Insertion Initiative (TIT). This new TIT for TAT strategy should have the car operating in the ideal performance window well into the future. And just to be safe, we'll haul an extra set of wheels up there to make sure we get  home. 
Under the hood, mechanics are still developing the optimal timeline for spark plug replacement, knowing that they are due to replace all four plugs before the coming weekend. As far as the rest of the mechanical systems, the Integrated Mechanical Brake Analysis Data (IMBAD) engineers have stated that they will be performing their usual semi-Yearly Observation Undertaking (YOU), resulting in the Knowledge of Now Operating Wear (KNOW), thru Information Technology (IT), AKA the NMS-Racing’s “I’M BAD YOU KNOW IT.”
To better fuel both NMS drivers, the driver’s personal trainers and nutrition team is bringing their Better Energy Expenditure Regimen (BEER) and Performance Integrated Zealous Zero Augmentation (PIZZA) diet for the entire team. Our leading experts hypothesize that by combining both BEER and PIZZA, that the team will achieve peak performance, so a full weekend of gathering this data should prove invaluable.

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