Thursday, September 5, 2019

NMS South Checking In

It's been a busy summer here at the Columbia, SC branch. The sad news first is that the home base of 7 years will soon be going on the market, so a lot of time has been dedicated to painting and some small maintenance tasks around the house. Fortunately, friend of the team, Phillip is about to buy his first home and is on track to close on a nice location with plenty of driveway and a nice sized detached shop! The NMS South stable will relocate and rent with Phillip while I look into my long term plans.
You could soon own this vintage piece of NMS history!

The happier news is we're only about one week away from our favorite race of the year, the Lemons South Fall race a CMP, complete with block party and parade! Can't wait to see everyone out there on Friday the 13th as we take over downtown Camden for our third year in a row!  The purple Miata is going to be sporting a new theme and is pretty much ready to get back on track after one last round of maintenance this coming Sunday.
Soft top out, getting some cleaning done.

As previously announced, we're taking on Watkins Glen in a few weeks and I've been sorting a few items on the #86 Miata. The soft top failed in the South Carolina sun a few weeks ago, so I've stripped out the entire unit, saving a hefty chunk of weight. The AC system was just serviced for the long trip and I've done some small adjustments to the harnesses and vacuumed out the interior (max weight savings!). The only task left is to install a new set of lights on the tire trailer and splice in a wiring harness so I can be legal when we make the trip to NY.
The window seals had been going bad and when the adhesive holding the glass in finally gave up on me, it was time to take one step closer to full racecar. 

I can't wait to wrap up house work and get back to playing with cars in the next few weeks. Much more to come as we head into fall!

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