Monday, September 2, 2019

NMS To Drive Watkins Glen

Spotted at POCONO last year with NASA Northeast

The NMS drivers will be meeting up in October at the historic Watkins Glen track in New York! This legendary track has hosted everything from Formula 1 to NASCAR and IndyCars over the years, and on the first weekend of October, it will be the home of NASA Northeast. With two full days of different driving events, races, time trials, and practicing, there will be a lot of miles put in and plenty of fun to be had!

NASA sponsors fun driving events
The NMS FIAT will be practicing with the High Performance Driver Education beginner group 1, with an instructor to be named, along with all the cars listed below. Keep in mind this not racing, or I imagine the Porsche Boxster and Aston Martin Vantage would tend to be faster than the rest of us! My point of listing the cars in HPDE 1 is that ANY car can get on track and have fun!

Looking at the more advanced HPDE 3 group below, you see more track-like cars, so those drivers are more serius about having fun on track, like Brian Nixon's Miata. 

FIAT 500 Abarth
NMS Driver Bob Nixon states that he's done HPDE events with NASA at Carolina Motorsports Park and Pocono, so he's looking forward to taking on the challenge of Watkins Glen and it's elevation changes (and corners of course). With multiple driving sessions each day, the drivers will be working to improve their racing line at this epic track, and continuing to improve their road handling skills. 

NASA places a big emphasis on safety, so even though this is not racing, drivers must wear helmets and only pass in certain places so that everyone is predictable and safer. 

The NMS Miata of Brian Nixon will be driving in HPDE group 3, so that group will be able to pass at will, as the drivers generally are on their own and don't require having an instructor on track. 

Driver Class Car
Stefano Viti HPDE1 Chevy Camaro SS2
Jennifer Skripchuk HPDE1 Mazda MX5
Christopher Russell HPDE1 Volkswagen GLI
Steven Phelps HPDE1 Honda S2000
Robert A. Nixon HPDE1 Fiat 500 Abarth
Christopher Keeny HPDE1 VW GTI
Pierce Kazilionis HPDE1 BMW M5
Richard Hedderick HPDE1 Chevrolet Camaro
Henry Fishbein HPDE1 Mazda Miata
Vicki Fischer HPDE1 Mazda MX5
Liam Fischer HPDE1 Toyota 86
William (Bill) Fischer HPDE1 Porsche Boxster
Phil Fisch HPDE1 Mazda Miata
Howard Finch HPDE1 Aston Martin Vantage
Robert DeLuca HPDE1 Ford Fiesta ST
Driver Class Car
nawshin basher HPDE3 Honda s2000
Christopher Ziotas HPDE3 Acura Integra
Jim Unrein HPDE3 Chevy Corvette
Brian Nixon HPDE3 Mazda Miata
Sean McElgun HPDE3 BMW M3
Jeff Levitt HPDE3 BMW M3
Alexander Kanfer HPDE3 BMW M4 CS
Dan Hagenbuch HPDE3 Mazda Miata MX-5
Adam Glogowski HPDE3 BMW 335i
John Fatcheric HPDE3 Pontiac Firehawk
Matthew Cohn HPDE3 BMW M3
Jason Burns HPDE3 Chevy Camaro Z28

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