Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trailer Tune-Up

As both NMS divisions prepare for their first trip to Watkins Glen International Raceway in up-state New York next weekend, the Southern half has been busy getting the new-to-us tire trailer tuned-up for the long road trip.
Heck, I even bought a spare tire!

The Miata is a fantastic car, but when it comes to hauling lots of stuff, you're flat out of luck. Many grassroots enthusiasts add hitches and bring small trailers along to track days typically carrying the on-track tires and a box of tools and oatmeal cream pies (or whatever equipment deemed necessary to keep the car on track for a weekend).
Old and busted. New hotness.

A few months back I acquired the trailer and noticed it was due for a number of maintenance items. For one, the tires were dry-rotted and needed replacing. Might as well swap out hubs/bearings along the way. On top of that the lights were broken.
Wheel and hub removed. Just about as simple as a '72 Dodge Coronet!

Tires and hubs are a quick job. Jack up one side, unbolt the wheel, unbolt the hub, replace the hub, replace the wheel. The wiring was then stripped out of the trailer, with fresh wire and four pin connector. Old lights remove, new ones installed and some wired were spliced together. Piece of cake.
Wiring and wheels done!

The final step was adding a wiring harness to the Miata. It's like Mazda had no idea people would want to pull trailers with these things! Sheesh. Following a wiring diagram online, it was a simple splicing in of a few wires and mounting the signal box to the car.
Little bit of wiring poking out next to the spare oil.

I took it a step further and cut a hole in the little plastic tray to the driver side of the truck to store the wiring. Nice and tidy. Everything worked the first time. Amazing.
Test fitting. Looks good.

I'll check over a few last items, but the car is ready to hit the road next week!

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