Sunday, February 3, 2019

NMS-North Takes Major Prize!

If you've seen the movie A Christmas Story, you know that the father won a "MAJOR PRIZE" which turned out to be a very cheesy lamp of a woman's leg in black stockings, so, not really a major prize. But here at NMS-North, while we didn't win the Powerball or Mega Millions (but are willing to accept!), we received a little wheel hanger tool from our friends at Ricambi America. Here's what arrived in the mail yesterday:

Jaguar F-Type

Sorry, a shiny new red Jaguar F-Type DID NOT come in the mail yesterday, we just saw it at the local mall! But, if you are looking for a cool looking car, you can get one for right around six figures, at least that's what we saw on the window sticker!


In the real mail, here's what followed me home:

F1 magazine with 5 time champ Lewis Hamilton on the cover, and a box that contained the following:

Ricambi America Wheel Hanger Tool
The other day the folks from Ricambi had a little contest, asking Facebook viewers to caption a photo of a classic Ferrari on their page, and NMS-North was the big winner! Now, I only need to buy a Ferrari, and then when I need to re-attach the wheels, I can insert the wheel hanger tool into the suspension and slip the wheel on, where the wheel hanger tool will keep the wheel on as I attach and secure the lug nuts.

Most people probably buy the Ferrari first, and THEN get this tool, so here's to being unconventional. Also, here's to entering contests, because you can't win if you don't enter!

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