Wednesday, February 20, 2019

NMS Announces Double-Header of March Madness

Together Again, First Time in 2019, Carolina Catastrophe!

From their world wide headquarters, AKA "Evil Lair", the NMS team announced today that both drivers would soon be spotted during an autocross double-header in March. First appearing on Saturday March 2nd at ZMax Dragway in Charlotte NC, the drivers will attempt to take turns driving the NMS BMW 335is with the Central Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America. Following that guaranteed disaster, the hapless drivers will try it again at Darlington Speedway in South Carolina on Sunday March 3rd in another autocross event, this time with the South Carolina Region. The only good news we can make out of this doubleheader of doubly dumb driving doofus-ness is that at least there isn't a third state named Carolina or these guys would likely try to drive there too.
Autocross Time Again

With both drivers in the same car, if nothing else, we should be entertained to see which is the fastest in a rear wheel drive car that is painted red and built in Germany. While the early money in Vegas says that car owner Brian Nixon is likely to be faster, this writer believes you'd have more fun in Vegas betting on blackjack rather than two slowpokes trying to get around some cones on an autocross course.

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