Saturday, February 16, 2019

What is NASA Launching This Year?

NASA Northeast at Pocono Last Year

The ol' Mars Rover was in the news this week, and right about now I bet you're wondering what NASA is doing next. Well, those crazy guys at NASA are going to launch...a bunch of DRIVING next year! Ha ha ha, we're not talking about the space guys and gals, but the National Auto Sports Association! I'm sure that doesn't cause much confusion, but seriously, the NASA group has regions that cover the country, and the team at NMS has found all of their events to be well run, tons of fun, and a bit more reasonably priced than some other ways to drive your car on track. 

NMS-North is up here in the NASA Northeast Region, while NMS-South hangs out in the NASA-Southeast Region. In between us is the NASA Mid Atlantic Region too, so there are driving events all over the map in 2019. 

One great thing about NASA is that most regions have sales on their driving events this time of year, so if you're looking to get on track next year and want to save some money, we suggest you check them out now and see if there are some good deals that might save you some money too. 

2019 NASA SE Schedule*

Winter Meltdown @ Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) on Feb 16-17, 2019
Run for the Pi @ Road Atlanta (RA) on Mar 9-10, 2019
Spring Brake @ Roebling Road Raceway (RRR) on April 5-6-7, 2019
Sinko De Mayo @ Carolina Motorsports Park on May 4-5, 2019
Turn 7 Gurl Memorial @ Road Atlanta (RA) on June 15-16, 2019
Savannah Sizzler @ Roebling Road Raceway (RRR) on Sep 27-28-29, 2019
Turkey Trot @ Carolina Motorsports Park on Nov 9-10, 2019
Santa’s Toy Run @ Road Atlanta on Dec 7-8, 2019
*tentative schedule, check back regularly for updates.

April 12                 Lime Rock HPDE only
April 22-23           Watkins Glen HPDE only
May 3-5                NJMP Lightning
May 25-26           NY Safety Track HPDE only
June 7-9               NJMP Thunderbolt
July 12-13            Lime Rock
Aug 10                  Pocono S/E – MPACT Festival
Aug 16-18            Palmer Motorsports Park
Sep 14-15             NY Safety Track HPDE only
Sep 19-22             NASA Championships Mid-Ohio
Oct 4-6                  Watkins Glen NY
Nov 2-3                 NJMP Lightning HPDE only

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