Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Comrades! Team Coronautski's New Year!

Coronautski Drivers

Interest in the Team Coronautski Dodge Coronet continues into 2018, as the Roadkill website has included the purple monster in their list of Greatest New Lemons Cars of 2017! While the article incorrectly states that the car has a new motor and a ton of Bondo, the truth is that this car is still getting around with its original engine, and plenty of rusty holes that are somewhat camouflaged by the awesome purple paint job.  Top Lemons of 2017

Maybe it doesn't roll off the tongue, but the name of Team Coronautski cracks me up since it's a Russian-ized version of the Dodge Coronet name, and of course just having a funny name isn't enough for these guys, since they've added more goofy Russian-ized graphics and logos like their names (above) and changed the Dodge Super Bee logo from the 70s into a Russian KGB "Super KGB" (below.)

Wait, that's no normal Super Bee!

My other favorite part of the car paint/graphic design is their fake "sponsor logos" like you see next, which is only funnier if you're familiar with real race cars with tons of decals, much less the brands of Edelbrock, Monroe, and GoPro and etc. 
Sponsors? Sure, they've got sponsors!

More importantly, Team Coronautski will return to the Lemons racing circuit in two months, when they take on another weekend of racing at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama on February 3rd and 4th.  Lemons at Barber

Team Coronautski

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