Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year: New Plates!

Orange and Black on the Red Abarth
Hey, Happy New Year! Have a safe driving 2018, and stay tuned right here for more NMS auto-adventures over the next 12 months!

One of the many advantages of changing jobs and moving is getting to live in another state and get some brand new shiny license plates! With the NMS North move to New York we've now managed to survive another trip to another state's  DMV and made it home with some new license plates. If you're keeping track at home, this makes the third set of tags on the FIAT since buying it in South Carolina, and then moving to Virginia. Shoot, we might as well go for the record here and see if we can live in all 50 states, keep all the old plates, and build a new garage with them. Maybe that's the story of the 4th Little Pig that they left out of the fairy tale. One built a house of straw, one built a house of sticks, the third built his house from bricks, and the unfairly forgotten 4th Little Pig built a house out of license plates. Now that I've actually written all that, it's better that he's forgotten.

You've likely noticed how many people have vanity or special group license plates, and even though it's always fun to try and read some of the more off-beat tags, I've always just got plain old whatever number they give me license plates. There are plenty of interesting ones to see and take photos of every day, and we've put plenty of them on the blog here too. Here's one I spotted today:

Hummer 3 "Boxcars"

While probably no one enjoys going to the DMV (except for 16 year olds getting their first driver's license) we're a big fan of states that allow you to renew your license or car registration on line once you've done it at least once. To be fair, there was that one time in Virginia that I visited the DMV and somehow was the only customer in line, but that sure wasn't the case any other time. It didn't help that I had an appointment on the last Friday of the month and last Friday of the year, so take my advice and stay away from your local DMV during the last week of the month if you can avoid it!

NPD = New Plate Day for the Camry Too!

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