Thursday, August 25, 2016

Season Standings in Virginia

After this photo shoot I'm jumping in the water
Here in Virginia, I've been driving the NMS FIAT Abarth in autocross events with the Tidewater Sports Car Club, and after six events this year (one event per month, started in March), I'm now in 9th place overall in the PAX points. The PAX standings allow every car in every class to be compared, so I'm really happy with being in 9th out of 198 drivers. My goal this year has been to improve over last year and finish in the top 20. Last year I ended up 29th out of 73 drivers that completed at least 5 events.

Of course, not all 198 drivers this year have competed in all 6 events, so that puts me ahead of some people just for showing up! Nothing wrong with that, I'm just reporting the facts! Sometimes you can do OK in life just by showing up! If you don't believe me, try not going to work for a week without telling your boss and let me know how that works for you!

Also, there will be a good number of drivers that pass me up by the end of the year, and here's why. During the entire year the club will hold 9 events, but only the top scoring 7 events count for any one driver. That means that some of the faster drivers so far this year have missed one event, so for now I'm ahead of them, but by the time the "drop two events" rule kicks in, those faster drivers will end up ahead of me. Oh well, for now I'm loving it!

In the teeny tiny G Street class, we've only had two of us at any events this year, so saying I'm winning the class doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I'll say it anyway! John Henderson in his VW GTI and I have been pretty close on times at several events this year, and counting an event with another club I think we've both beaten the other one twice so far. While its always fun to drive fast even if you're the only one in your class, I would say that it kicks things up a notch knowing that someone else in your class is trying to be faster than you!

If you want to check out the season standings, here's the link: TSCC 2016 LINK

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