Thursday, August 4, 2016

NMS Proposes Three New Holidays!

We think this guy supports our idea!

If you check out our NMS Driving Schedule Page SCHEDULE LINK, you will see that we have added three important NEW holidays that we think should be legalized as National Holidays. After much discussion and debate, we think that the three dates we've come up with would be some great reasons to also give everyone some more time off from work too! Furthermore we're proposing that these "new" holidays happen each and every year! Then, to make them even more attractive, and to avoid conflict with other holidays like Independence Day and Memorial Day, we've grouped them together in the Northern Hemisphere's chilly time of year when there may not be much auto crossing going on, specifically November, December, and January. 

To get down to the details, we've randomly pulled some dates out of a hat, and come up with the following great ideas for these new holidays. You can start thanking us now!

--November's Third Thursday = National Give Thanks for Racing Day!

--December 25th = International Auto Parts Gift Giving Day!

--January 1st = International First Day of Getting Ready to Autocross in 2017 Day!

Another seriously great idea from these two guys!

Doesn't that just make sense? I mean really, following the excitement of Talk Like A Pirate Day every September 19th, and with NASCAR, Formula 1, and Indy Car all winding down about that time of year, a few more holidays kicking in at the end of November makes for a great year long festival of automotive fun!

So help us out won't you? Write your US Congress and US Senate reps today and encourage them to get cracking on a bill to introduce these important, and much needed, holidays!

Why do we need more holidays?

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