Monday, August 8, 2016

4 Weeks Until Nationals

This weekend team NMS South took on the competition with CCR-SCCA in Charlotte.  Driving at Zmax Dragway was our last place to practice higher speed courses before Nationals.  On top of testing our driving skills, we were trying out a new, lighter-weight custom exhaust that Jason is building.
It was a hot, sunny day.

My first two runs showed lots of improvement and decent pace, but I ended up pushing the car too hard and spun out on the last two runs.  It wasn't a great end result but it gave me a few items to focus on over the next two weekends of practice.  The goal is to get all my mistakes out of the way now.  On the positive side, the new exhaust is a great improvement and the car held up well to 3 drivers.
Phillip brings the car through finish at Zmax on Saturday with Jason instructing.

Sunday I was up at the Team Too Tall garage in Greenville helping swap in a new engine and transmission for their Nationals debut. Team Too Tall and NMS South are pushing each other hard this month to get our cars 100% ready and bring home the best result for all four SCR drivers in Lincoln.

The crew loads the new motor in the blue car.

NMS South goals for next weekend:

Complete the vinyl work on the Miata

Determine if the Carbotech brake pads will stay on the car for Lincoln

Drive faster than NMS North in Charleston

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  1. NMS-North official press release: The North Will Defeat the South in Charleston This Coming Weekend!


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