Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3 Weeks Until Nationals

We already covered the very positive results from this past weekend's autocross in Charleston, but tying my best of 4th overall for the day felt pretty good with only a margin of 0.3 seconds behind first. Despite the success, we're still not happy with the more aggressive brake pads we changed to, so we'll most likely look to do another swap back to the original compounds for the big show.  Otherwise the car is feeling great and we're really getting the swing of locking in tire pressures and making on the fly adjustments to the shocks to adapt to the different courses.

At the starting line in Charleston about to take on a sea of cones.

Unfortunately no other progress was made on the car this past week so that leaves a pretty good sized list to take care of. This coming weekend we'll wrap up our pre-Nationals practice with two days of autocross in Savannah. Nationals registration has already hit it's limit and there's a wait-list forming with over 1350 people registered and 55 in ES alone.

The 3 weeks to go to-do list:

  • Replace the A/C compressor and re-charge the system
  • Replace brake pads and rotors
  • Cut and apply some additional vinyl (numbers, class letters)
  • Finish painting the trunk lid
  • Mount fresh tires 
  • Re-check torque on all the front suspension

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