Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slowest Kart in the East!

Kart in Action
Week 2 of the Tidewater Sports Car Club's TSCC LINK winter karting league is now in the books, and once again I'm holding steady in last place! Yes sir, nothing like consistency to tell you you're, uh, consistent! Way back in Week 1, I was up in 6th place, thanks to there only being 6 drivers, but this week I've taken last place down to 10th, so let's make that a positive and say TOP TEN BABY!

Race time! I drove #86, like the NMS Miata!

OK, at least I did manage to lower my fastest lap time from a 28.005 in Week 1 to a 27.715 in Week 2, so that at least makes me feel a little better! Overall I managed to get into the 27 second lap time a total of 6 times, so I'll take that as a another positive. For the two weeks combined, I'm around 7th place.

Baby Needs New Shoes

I'd like to blame the random selection of karts in every race as the reason that I'm so slow, but my hunch is those other guys are really fast drivers! This week I added a new pair of racing shoes to my wardrobe for kart night, so maybe that's why I was faster! Next time I'll have to find some other faster piece of gear, like lighter socks or get a haircut to lose weight and go faster!

Here's a link to the race video: Kart Race 2

Helmet Mounted Video Capture Guy = Dork!

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