Friday, February 19, 2016

American Hot Rod: Billy Gibbons

Screen Shot from Rockin' Roadsters

Whether or not you are a fan of the little ol' band from Texas ZZ Top, you probably recognize the name of their guitar player Billy Gibbons. Well, Mr. G. is about to appear on your television set in a new endeavor that features his non-musical interest in American hot rods! On Monday February 29th (what better way to spend the bonus Leap Day this year!), the Discovery Channel will air this fine little program, and just maybe it will turn into a regular series.

Mr. Gibbons is the idea guy in modding these cars, and his go-to car guy is Jimmy Shine. The two of these guys have done several cool hot rod builds over the years. In this pilot episode, the two car guys hit the road and try to find an old car to rebuild. Once they find a suitable project, then the team goes to work to try and finish up their project in just a couple of weeks, often using odd ball parts that Billy has collected over the years. For more info on Jimmy Shine, check out his bio on his website at this link: Jimmy Shine Bio

So,  make it the best Leap Day ever, tune in to the Discovery Channel at 10PM Eastern and 10PM Pacific. If you live in the Central and Mountain time zones you are on your own, because the Discovery Channel didn't put that info on their publicity release!


Book Cover

If you are REALLY a big fan of Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top, and hot rods, you might also want to check out his book "Rock and Roll Gearhead", which features his music, and a lot of the cars that he's customized in the past. The book is available at Amazon, and like a cool car or guitar, you can buy it new or get a cheaper copy used!  Amazon R&R Gearhead LINK

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