Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miata Engine Build - Day 2

Moving on, Jason was able to get the cylinder head and oil pan on the motor. In the next post I'll be working with Kyle on getting the remaining accessories (intake manifold, timing belt/pulleys, clutch/flywheel assembly) attached and see how soon we can get the transmission bolted back up and ready to load into the car this weekend.
Just a few more things to bolt on before we fire it up.
 While I didn't do any hands on building today, I did spend a lot of time with the parts washer and bead blaster to clean almost 18 years of dirty, oily gunk off of the remaining parts.  Below are the water neck that houses the thermostat and a support brace for the intake manifold after their cleaning.
These aluminum pieces look pretty spiffy and new when they're clean.

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