Monday, February 23, 2015

Sticker Inventory 2015

The last laps of the Daytona 500 yesterday were pretty awesome with cars going three wide, close racing, and of course cars with all kinds of paint schemes and decals.  Maybe every race can be that close!

Since I don't have anything important to do, let's review some stickers on the FIAT just for fun!  Or if you want to see something even cooler, check out the time lapse video of this year's Ferrari F1 car getting it's stickers on at this link:    FERRARI LINK

The windshield banner ABARTH sticker is the largest I've installed, but with the help of Brian it wasn't too hard to put on shortly after buying the car.  While it's kind of an in-your-face advertisement that either is childish or race-car-like, it serves one good purpose by serving as a sun visor too!  Even a little worn out from the windshield wipers hitting it, it's in good shape for being over 2 years old.

On both doors I've got my name with a US flag, so there's an incentive to drive safely on the street.  "Yeah officer, some idiot in a red FIAT almost hit me, hey wait a minute, it had his NAME on it!".


Here are some of the autocross fan stickers, my favorite is "eat, sleep, autocross", in case you were wondering what the traffic cone symbols are all about.

 This large Pirelli one is kind of cool, with the big letter P stretched out like the Ferrari logo. Since both these products come from Italy, maybe it's an Italian thing!  The Fiat Abarth came with Pirelli tires as stock, and I've been happy with them so far, although some drivers claim that they aren't getting a lot of miles out of them.  My guess is that most new cars come with fairly cheap tires, and you're just not going to get a ton of miles on the original rubber shoes.
Another reason the Pirelli stickers are cool is that when I wrote to the company and asked where I could buy some stickers, they sent me these for free!   I don't know about you, but I call that great customer service!  And "free" is still my favorite flavor.

K&N makes air filters for just about every kind of vehicle on the road, and if it makes the car any faster that's OK with me too!  These are permanent filters, so the idea is that you also save money if you use K&N instead of buying a one-use filter and keep filling up landfills. Maybe the air filter gives my car a bit more power; the idea is that more air in your combustion engine gives you more energy. If nothing else, the sticker has to be worth 5hp just by itself!

The Sports Car Club of America sponsors all kinds of auto related driving events, and autocrossing is probably the most popular. If you don't belong, I'd recommend you do so today! They have local regions all across the USA, and there are sure to be events close to you.

Here are some fun decals of tracks that I've driven on or visited.  From top to bottom, GoPro Motorplex Kart Track in Mooresville NC, Darlington Raceway in Darlington SC, BMW test center in Greer SC, and I think Carolina Motorsports Park north of Camden SC. The kart races are a ton of fun, and you can show up and drive their cars. The GoPro guys will let you borrow their helmets too, so what are you waiting for? As another bonus, they are another great company that offers a discount to military folks.

Darlington hosts a lot of autocross events in their parking lot, but from time to time such as September 11 every year, you can drive on the track if you participate in their Red Cross blood drives.  Lots of fun!

Magnetti Marelli is another Italian company that makes electrical systems and other auto parts. I've still got another one of these decals in reserve, so in case of sticker-failure I should be in good shape.   The company is owned by FIAT, so it's nice that they keep it all in the family!  You just can't have too many stickers on your car. If you disagree, go look at a real race car sometime!

Yep, plenty of room for a whole lotta more stickers on the back of this car!

Not a sticker, but this Krispy Kreme Challenge magnet is just a memento from the crazy 5 mile run in NC where the "challenge" is to also eat a DOZEN DONUTS at the halfway point of the run. I managed to eat about 5 donuts and  then finish the 5 mile run in just over an hour, so even though I didn't pass the "challenge", I'm happy to report that I lived to say I tried!

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