Monday, November 27, 2023

Charlotte Auto Show: Volume 2

OK, I showed you the fancy Ferrari, Aston Martin, and stuff like that in Part I, so let's look at some normal everyday cars from the Charlotte Auto Show. 

Ford Mustang. OK, it's the Dark Horse Mustang. Starts at $63,000, and for that price you get 500 Horsepower. Wow!

Dark Horse Mustang, cool logo. 

Just your run of the mill Chevrolet Camaro. Well, if it's a NASCAR race car that looks like a Camaro!

Roll cage and etc, plus the cool Plexi-glass wing on the back for more downforce. 

Now what in the Wide Wide World of Sports is this?

Some more Chevy goodness, a Corvette. 

From this bit of information, I learned that there are 5 versions of the Hyundai Santa Fe, starting at $26,650, and up to starting at over $41,000. 

Not every Santa Cruz has such a cute model, but we spotted Julie Nixon in this one!

Santa Cruz. Not a big truck, but they still look pretty cool. I'm sticking with my hybrid Ford Maverick too. 
Sorry I'm not an expert on these, so it's a 4 door Land Rover of some kind. My guess is that the ladder unlocks and folds down when you need to climb up and store something on the roof racks. Or escape a lion while on safari. 

And a 2-door version Land Rover. Pretty much looks like the Ford Bronco to me, but I'm sure it's great. 

Jaguar F-Type. I believe this is the last year for this model. They make a great gift this holiday season, and I wear a size V-8. Jaguar and Land Rover are the same company, so I'll say that their SUV business is doing better than the car business. Jaguar also makes SUVs now. 

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