Monday, November 13, 2023

Amsterdam Car Spotting Part II

Let me just take a moment to thank Julie and Katie for allowing me to take car photos during our trip. They are the greatest!

First off, I'm no expert on these cars, but appreciated seeing them and trying to figure out what they are! One has a license plate for Scooter City in Amsterdam, so I'll suggest you check out their website for a bunch of scooters and Micro Cars!  SCOOTERCITY.NL  

Seat Ibiza
Seat is part of the Volkswagen family, I bet I've never seen one in the US. 

Seat Leon

 In the northern part of Amsterdam, amongst all kinds of funky artsy spots that have sprouted up in a former industrial and shipping area, we found this work of art that uses a dropped car to highlight the feeling of people from other countries that get dropped into another culture. 

Two-seater city car, big wiper blade, small bit of damage on the right front bumper. My guess is that you don't spend a lot on tires with these little cars. 

Citroen C4 Picasso, these were built 2006-2013. 
The company was founded in 1919 by Andre Citroen and is now part of Stellantis. 

I think this is a Move Citycar Shine or Black Edition.

Citroen Cactus, dig the groovy side panel!

Seat Altea

The Dacia brand dates to 1966 and is based in Romania! They fall under the Renault company, and Dacia is the largest company in the country, as well as the largest exporter in Romania. 

Microcar Campus

Then the next day, we were back in the main part of Amsterdam and saw more cars...and bikes. Lots of bikes. Bikes more plentiful than oxygen! Oh sure, we saw some "coffee" shops, but we didn't buy any drugs. 

A PT Cruiser in Europe? Here ya go!

Opel. These things just look cool!

Peugeot e208 electric

FIAT Panda

Here's another Canta 

Skoda Octavia
This is another brand (Skoda) that belongs to Volkswagen, and they are based in the Czech Republic. From looking online, you can buy one of these Octavia Combi (station wagon I guess) starting at just 819,000 Czech Krone! Or call it $35,601 US dollars. Skoda offers factory tours and a museum if you're in the area!

Skoda logo

Another Skoda, this one is an electric Enyaq that we spotted in Gouda. 
That's the CITY of Gouda, the car is not in the CHEESE called Gouda!

Dacia Logan. 
I'm sure the joke (if you know old movies) is asking "Does your Logan Run?" 
See, there was this movie called "Logans Run" and...oh never mind. 

Dacia Duster. Not quite the same as the Plymouth Duster the Nixon family had when I was in high school. A long time ago. In a Galaxy. Far Far Away. 

Honda Jazz.
OK, we all know Honda, so why not drive a car with a musical name!
Just to make this simple, it's a Honda Fit in the US. 

Renault Twingo. 
This French car has been around since 1992, and the Renault brand currently includes Dacia, Alpine, and Mobilize. There are some plans to bring Alpine to the US in a couple years, so that would be awesome! Alpine currently sponsors a Formula One team, and is known for their very sport cars, think Porsche Cayman but built by a French company!

Skoda Citigo

I spotted this and walked around it, thinking it might be badged as a Mazda Eunos (the Japanese name of the Miata) but it's just an MX-5. Hey, it's still a Miata, and as the joke goes, when you're wondering what kind of cool you should get or drive on track, the initials stand for Miata Is Always The Answer!

I like the Peugeot lion logo. 

Here is another Renault Twingo with some groovy accents. According to the Internet, the Twingo name is a combination of Twist, Swing, and Tango. I guess it's a dancing car! 
The Renault company was founded by three brothers, Louise, Marcel, and Fernand Renault. That was way back in 1898, so a bit before my time!

Opel Ampera

So, while I'm enjoying looking at all the small European cars, one day this Bently drove by as we're going to the Zuid train/tram station. Must be the swanky part of town. 

Another small, electric car in Amsterdam. Thanks for reading!

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