Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story

F1 at Miami 2023

Bottom Line Up Front: There is a new 4-part show on Hulu titled "Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story." If you are a fan of F1, well, what are you waiting for, go out and watch it!

Here's more info:  BRAWN ON HULU

If you don't have Hulu, we've got you covered! Just go to Hulu.com or their app and sign up for the free trial! As long as you cancel before your free trial is up, you won't owe anything, so do like I did! 

Some of the highlights of this show are of course the battle for the F1 championship during the 2009 season, as well as all the behind-the-scenes intrigue. Without giving it all away, it gets into the two Brawn drivers fighting for the title amongst themselves, the origin of the Brawn team which only existed in 2009, further drama during the season where all the F1 teams banded together and cam THIS CLOSE to leaving F1 and starting their own race series in 2010, and that's just the highlights!

Another interesting aspect of this show is that it's brought to us by Keanu Reeves, a Formula 1 fan, and he does a good job of telling the story through a lot of interviews with the key players. From the team owner, the drivers, the Brawn engineers, other team owners, other drivers, and the two head guys of F1 at the time Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley. Almost all these interviews are new for this show, with Keanu Reeves doing the interviewing. 

Even if you're a big F1 fan you'll probably learn something you didn't know. If you aren't a big F1 fan, maybe you won't like it, but then again you might appreciate the drama of the season, the business, the driving, and hearing differing viewpoints from not only the Brawn team members, but also hearing from Ferrari, Red Bull, and others. It's not fake made-for-TV baloney drama, it's just a story of what really happened. 

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