Sunday, November 14, 2021

Porsche Cayman Details

2009 Porsche Cayman in Ruby Red Metallic

Today let's take a look at some of the Cayman interior. I've never owned a P-car before, and probably had never even been inside one! Like any new-to-you car, it's important to get familiar with how the controls work, adjust your mirrors, and to figure out how to use all the buttons! Here's a few items that I like about the Cayman: 

1: Starting in the rear trunk, (rear trunk sounds redundant, but not in a mid-engine car, because the Cayman also has a front trunk, or "frunk") we see some storage space, plus a small hatch that easily opens to reveal the oil fil and coolant/radiator fill openings. There is no dipstick on this model, so you have to check a read-out on the dash to monitor oil level. I appreciate the technology, but I think an old fashioned dipstick would be even easier. 

Below the rear hatch and the "Cayman" logo, you see the rear 
wing that is not extended. It automatically opens up at about 75 mph, or you can 
extend it by pushing a button on the dash

Also on top of the carpet covering engine you can see a little 
black net for holding down items you store back there. 

Oil and Coolant fill hatch open

2: Moving to the passenger door:

Just a nice little armrest attached to the door interior?

Surprise! The arm rest opens up for more storage! There are also two storage areas 
on the sides of the engine cover carpet behind the seats. 

3: Also on the passenger side, two recessed drink holders. They look kind of flimsy, but they work great.

Passenger dash, note the trim between the beige glove box and upper dash

Pressing on that trim opens this door, and then you can press on the two drink symbols
to open up the two drink holders. 

Drink holders extended!

4: Down in the passenger foot-well is a 12volt power source. I had to read the manual to discover it! 

Handy power port for a USB adapter

I'm not sure why they labelled this thing twice, maybe in case you're working
under the dash and end up-side down somehow?

5: Moving to the driver's seat, here's the dash. 

A few notes: as a sports car, the largest central display is the tachometer, not the speedometer. In the right display you can see the fuel gauge, so right behind the red needle you might be able to see that my gas level is just below 2/4th (not "half") and that 
when "Full" the tank is at "4/4ths." Also in the right display we see what gear is selected, so with this car being dual-clutch auto, you can go from Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, or push the lever to M for Manual.

The key goes on the left of the steering wheel, which is
handy for jumping in while racing at LeMans, so your right hand
can start shifting!

Here's a handy button behind the steering wheel! If you bought the optional steering wheel heater, just push the button! The dash will let you know if you've turned it on or off, just in case your hands are too cold to feel the heat I guess!

2009 was the first year for the Porsche Doppel Kupplungs getriebe (PDK) double clutch, and this is the right hand shifter on the steering wheel. An identical button is on the left side of the steering wheel, so you can shift up OR down with either hand. It's not as easy to use or as cool as the now standard paddle shifters, but on a positive note, the button is always right there where your thumb is, assuming you keep your hands in the same spot while turning the wheel. 

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