Sunday, November 7, 2021

BMW Cars and Coffee

On a beautiful and crisp Saturday morning I visited a mostly BMW gathering and took these photos. In addition to mostly BMWs, there were a handful of Porsches and Mercedes, as well as a Mazda RX-7 and an early 90s Japanese Suzuki Cappuccino (right hand drive of course.) It's always fun to spot something you've never seen, plus some other nice cars, and some funny license plates: 

Suzuki Cappuccino, right hand drive. Tiny, even next to the Mazda!

Cappuccino detail

Great license plate!

One of several BMW 540i wagons

Another 540i wagon


Always good to see another 987.2 Cayman, this one an S, from 2009-2012

I liked this shade of blue on this BMW

The DARK KNIGHT, "I'm Batman!"

Some drivers prefer red wheels

It's getting to be the Toys for Tots season!

Overview, this is behind a Panera Bread in Garden City

This Mercedes convertible looked to be in great condition

Dinan tuned BMW

BMW Car Club of America badge

I liked this guy's hoodie, Anti-Stock Car Club

Check out the rear wheel

This tow strap was different, cut into the round piece.


Who doesn't love an orange car!



Maybe you prefer blue wheels?

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