Monday, November 1, 2021

BMW's Ultimate Driving Experience Returns to NYC!

In 2021 it's been a pretty normal driving year, with plenty of autocross and a record 3 track weekends for me, so I've been having fun driving! Maybe that's not enough though, because I just signed up for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience at Citi Field for this Thursday too! On the blog I've written about several other times I've driven at these events, and it's always fun to drive other people's brand new cars while they're asking you to go faster! It's kind of like winning the lottery, although I haven't won the lottery yet to confirm!

Oh, and the fine folks at BMW make part of the experience a little autocross, and that's always fun to see how your time stacks up against the other participants. At one of these events in NJ a few years ago I was the fastest person in my group...other than the 1 cone I hit which meant I wasn't the fastest person in my group. Oh well, let's try this thing again!

Looking over the 2021 schedule, I noticed that the first event was on Long Island earlier this year, and that the November dates in NYC are the final stop on the tour. Since both these places are close to me, I might as well do them both! Maybe some day I'll retire and sign up for every location across the country and make a year out of it! Well, either that or try to  hit every Major League Baseball stadium in a summer! To see where the BMWUDE has been this year, and where they're going in the next month, check out the link at 

Hopefully they'll return in 2022 and visit a location near you!

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