Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Will Ferrari Pick NMS Driver for 2021?

Herr Vettel, WELT MEISTER!
Today marks the 70th anniversary of the first Grand Prix race that is now known as Formula 1. There were Grand Prix races for years before 1950 of course, but for whatever reason things changed in 1950, and the season long competition became known as Formula 1. Speaking of which...

Ze Wurst, Speaking German at the 2019 F1 race in Austin. 

Ferrari announced just yesterday, that four time world champion (which sounds really cool in German as WELT MEISTER!) Sebastian Vettel will not return in 2021 with their Formula 1 team. This leaves one of their two driver seats open, since Charles LeClerq will be back in red next year. While the Italian racing team is expected to announce Vettel's replacement shortly, unconfirmed rumors of an NMS driver making the move continue to be heard. Let's review.

Herr Vettel mit Ferrari

The NMS drivers have been gaining experience for several years in autocross, Lemons racing, track days, and surely are ready to jump into Formula 1 by now! We have confirmed that they have both previously lived in Europe, so they would easily adapt to the jet-set pace and lifestyle mandated by all super cool rich F1 drivers. Shoot, they've even got Ferrari hats and shirts to wear already, so just think of the savings right there!
NMS Driver Ready for Ferrari!

Our well placed sources tell us that the NMS drivers can already speak Italian (as in "spaghetti", "pasta", "Mercedes stinks", or "Ferrari") as well as German ("Wo ist der Bahnhof", "Bratwurst mit Senf bitte" and the ever popular "Eine mal Bier bitte"). These guys are a shoe-in!

Dear Ferrari, "We're Ready!"

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