Monday, May 4, 2020

Been To Cuba Lately?

The Cuban

Maybe you know that Cuba has a reputation for a few things such as cigars, Castro, and old American cars. Well, I haven't had any Cuban cigars recently, but through the magic of driving by a Cuban restaurant near me, spotted these older American cars. No sign of Castro.

I'd driven past this place a few times, noticed the cars, and finally today took the time to stop and shoot these photos to capture the vibe at The Cuban restaurant. They're open for takeout, so my next life goal is to check out the food. For what it's worth, I can highly recommend the Cuban sandwich at the 5th Avenue Deli in Columbia SC too.

 Here's the highlight, a Chevrolet Bel Air limo! Judging by the current license plate, I bet it runs!

Chevy Bel Air Limo!
 Next up, a Hudson Metropolitan. You don't see these every day. The unique small size, two tone paint job, and ultra cool hood ornament and grille badges make it stand out in today's bland scenery of blah cars. The Internet tells me that they were built from 1953 (Nash only) to 1961, with the merger of Nash and Hudson taking place in 1954 and forming the American Motors Corporation.

Hudson Metropolitan

Hudson Hood Ornament
The Metropolitan also came in a convertible model, and were also produced in England for the European market. 

 Closely related to the Hudson, here's a Nash Statesman Super. This car was produced from 1950-1956, so let's call this one older than me!

 Chevy Bel Air in black, a bit of rust, but who cares? Wikipedia tells me that the Bel Air was built in the US from 1950-1975, and that production continued in Canada to 1981. Some were exported to Australia in the 1960s with right hand drive, so if you have one of those for sale for a dollar, let me know!

You want more Chevys? You get more Chevys!

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