Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wheels and Tires

South Carolina and Georgia are both starting to ease their COVID-19 restrictions and NMS South has two track events with a green light coming up. That meant this past weekend was time to make sure there were enough tires to go the distance. 
As always, massive thank you to, Ian for lending his shop and tire machine so we could handle hundreds of dollars worth of work for nearly free! 
For the upcoming 24 hour race in June, the Lemons Miata is finally getting two dedicated sets of wheels. Kyle and Ian have been kind enough to loan out the sets we had been using so it's nice to return them to their owners. The new wheels are an inch wider (15×7) and have a slightly different offset, pushing our track width out just slightly wider. All of this should help improve grip and possibly even improve tire wear. We found one set of wheels used for a good price and decided to order a new matching set. 
Next week, I'll be joining Kyle and John and about 20 other people for a private track day down at Roebling Road in Savannah. The red Miata hasn't been on track since Watkins Glen last year so it got a suspension set up by Panic Motorsports and two of the tires were flipped to even out thr wear. That car is running the exact same size and brand tire as the lemons car so we want to keep them in decent shape as third string backups for the 24 hour race. Kyle also had some tires to be mounted and flipped now that his track wheels have been returned. 
It was a very productive day. I returned to base with two sets of wheels and tires for the Lemons car, one set for my car, and three spare tires. Whew, it was a truck load, but we're nearly ready to race. Stay tuned for an update from Roebling next week and some final prep on the racecar before our second 24 hour race! 

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