Monday, March 16, 2020

Trailer Upgrades

Thanks to some Birthday support from the family, I started on some upgrades to the racing trailer.

Before shot of the interior. 
The trailer has been great to hide out from the elements, especially at the windy and cold Road Atlanta in December, but it could benefit from insulation. As it was built, the trailer is a steel frame with an outer aluminum skin and inner thin plywood walls.
Fitting the insulation into the walls.

We started by removing the top half of the inner plywood and cut to fit some insulation panels in the walls. The next biggest problem area was the roof, where there wasn't even an inner plywood layer. More insulation was fitted and some 1x4 boards were fitted to the steel frame to let us go back later and add a plywood inner covering for the insulation.
Ceiling trimmed out and fitted with insulation.

Before closing up all the walls, wiring was run for two new LED interior lights on a light switch by the door and ran wiring for the new AC unit that will be mounted on the roof.
The ever-critical tailgate gets insulation.

Even the rear door got insulation. I bought a bit too much insulation so I doubled up the 3/4" layers.

New custom shelf installed.
To cap off the weekend, Chuck fabricated a little corner shelf for the nose of the trailer and patched the hole in the floor that was previously cut for the other AC unit that had been used. Harbor Freight recently had their generators on sale, so I picked one up to run the new AC unit even if we don't have track power.

Massive thank you to Chuck! without his expertise and shop big enough to hold the 24' trailer this wouldn't be possible. 
Next time on This Old Trailer, we'll paint and install the ceiling panels, paint the walls, add two power outlets inside, LED lights, and install the AC unit on the roof. If all goes well, the floor will get an epoxy coating before adding back in a few final touches. Hopefully this will keep the race team protected from the elements, no matter what gets thrown at us.

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