Friday, November 22, 2019

NMS South Clears Out Home Base

This fall has been busy with Watkins Glen, F1, and Lemons but between all of that, I sold my house. Frequent radio-man and crew chief, Phillip was able to purchase his first home, complete with a fairly good size shop out back. NMS South will be renting and splitting space for at least the next year while I figure out the next longer term home for the Miata division.

NMS South, 2012-2019.

For the first time in almost 7 years, the small one-car space was finally cleared out. It saw a ton of use but never really had the elbow room needed for a car hobby. Below, the Lemons Miata and Phillip's Mustang share the new garage with room to spare. Step one was an epoxy coating on the floor to provide years of easy cleanup.

Current home. 
This past weekend the team inspected the Miata and found everything in excellent condition. An oil change is due, but otherwise the purple machine is ready for its third race at Road Atlanta in December.

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