Sunday, November 17, 2019

NMS Does BMW: Ultimate Driving Experience!

Our friends at BMW were back in New York City with their Ultimate Driving Experience this week, and once again it was a blast to drive their cars! It's just hard to beat the offer of driving someone else's brand new 382 HP car, while they keep telling you to go faster! In this case, with a pro driving coach that was helping me go faster on a little autocross circuit.

Welcome to Citi Field, the BMW flags are flying!

This year, the BMW team brought out the M340i, and I can vouch that it's a really fun car to drive! When I visited early on Sunday morning, they had 4 courses going full blast, with three identical cars at each one, each car with it's own instructor. Also at Citi Field there was a driving day for teenagers to learn more about car control, and other spots where BMW let you experience their SUVs like the new X7, and test drive a variety of their cars on the street around the big stadium complex.

Inside the various tents (heated, which was nice on a cold day!) they had other displays of vehicles, BMW race cars, and info on their performance driving opportunities in SC and CA, and the European delivery experience, (just in case you want to give me a new BMW for the holidays and let me fly to Germany for free to take delivery!) Hey, they even had some free coffee made to order, snacks, and bottled water! Thanks!

I've got a free coffee, and a lanyard with a badge. Let's do this!

Let me get this straight, you want us to drive your new 382 HP car and go
as fast as we can? Well allrighty then!!

Group 1, your cars are waiting. There were 4 separate courses running at the same time!

A few highlights

Hey, they come in blue! Let's go Mets!

There was also some golf event going on inside Citi Field.
I don't think they had as much fun as we did!

Full disclosure, I was 4th fastest out of my group of 21 drivers.
The instructor was a big help. 
Here's a video of the course we drove. This has the 3 instructors going very slowly, explaining how to drive the course, and then they put their feet down on the loud pedal and go much quicker around the little loop. I'm sure they were way faster than me!

BMW i3 electric. I've driven this model before, it's my favorite
electric vehicle. 

More cars available to drive. 

I skipped the SUV mountain climb event, but it looked like fun. 

You won't lose your car in a parking lot of black/silver/white cars when
it's this color!

X drive is BMW speak for 4 wheel drive. 

Don't forget that BMW makes motorcycles too!

Front end of the BMW M340i models that we drove.
The silver trim spices up the blue a bit. 
The higher performance flavor of BMW is Alpina. you can see this one
starts at $142,800. 

Alpina B7, 600HP!

Alpina B7 with a 21 inch rear wheel. 

Alpina interior. 

Next up, the Z4 sDrive M40i.

This looks to have the same engine as the M340i. 

Did you know that BMW is The Ultimate Driving Machine?

Z4 center panel
Reminder, a gift card for driving at one of the BMW performance
centers is a great gift idea!

Thanks for the coffee!


X7 back seats

Thanks for reading!

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