Thursday, November 7, 2019

Formula 1 Friday, Part II

Hey look, a six time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton! He clinched title 6 in Austin. 

After the morning practice session, Friday afternoon was highlighted by another practice session! We mostly spent this time in our seats at Grandstand 12, watching the cars brake into turn 12, after they were over 200 mph on a very long straight.

Photography tip: Carry a little step stool to get that
extra foot of elevation to shoot over crowds and fences!
We followed this guy over one of the pedestrian bridges, so
right about here we're walking over the track. 

The Haas Hill area had these cutouts of their drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.
Both drivers will return in 2020 with Haas. 

More off track activities, come back later and hang with Haas
test driver Pietro Fittipaldi. If his name is familiar,
his grandfather Emerson Fittipaldi won the Indy 500 twice, and two
F1 championships! 

Julie and Brian enjoying the awesome weather!

Saturday was the big autograph meet-the-driver sessions
for all the teams. We figured it would be a mad crush of people
and skipped all of them. 

So, we're hanging out in the Military Outpost, with the Amphitheater on
one side and the track on the other. Sitting in the shade on a warm Texas
day, checking out the Ziegenbock beer. 

Oh, and then the Ferrari Pope stopped by! I'd seen this guy or another
Pope on TV somewhere, he had a great outfit for the day after Halloween!
This reminded me of the Tour de France, with the wild fans out on the mountain
roads dressed in all kinds of crazy outfits!

This guy had a classic Ferrari jacket, and said this autograph
on the back was from 7 time champ Michael Schumacher. 

Near the top of the Grandstand at turn 12, ready for practice. 

Overlooking turn 12, with  more track in the background.
Top 10 Scoreboard and the COTA tower.
Turn 1 is way back there in the upper left.

Haas driver Grosjean went off track and crashed into the wall. In
the upper left of this shot you can see his car being towed off
by the yellow crane, under the Pirelli banner. He was OK and
they fixed his car for Saturday. 

Ferrari exits 12

Final standings for this practice, Hamilton fastest. 

One of many signs to help you find your way around
the facility. Come back later for Saturday and Sunday!

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