Sunday, October 20, 2019

Cars AND Coffee

How about an orange Acura, just in time for Halloween!
OK, if it starts with the letter "C", then it's probably OK. Unless it's not OK. But, some things that start with C are good. Let's take a quick trip to our local Acura dealer, Rallye Acura and spot a few Acuras, and some customer's cars from earlier today. Yes, they had coffee too, but I've failed to take any photos of the beverage part of the day.

Let's start with the coolest Acura car of all, the NSX! Here you can see them in orange, silver, black, and an older previous model NSX in red. Whew!

You might not want to buy this car for the cup holders alone. 

This NSX had some custom graphics. 

The original model Acura NSX. Still a cool car today!

Whoa, a second one in ORANGE. 

Black and Red, New and Old. 

Now let's see what else was on site today. The dealership has their own Nitrogen filling pump, saves you weight and loss of Oxygen from your tires. They also operate at least a Mercedes and a BMW dealership.

 Back to the NSX for a moment, here's the rear spoiler of the new black one, parked next to the red older model. I'm pretty sure the newer car goes faster, even with a smaller wing on the back!

Also available, try a few swings in the inflatable simulator with a golf pro to give you a few tips, courtesy of Golf Pro Delivered.

I didn't check out any sticker prices, but saw this notice if you're interested in leasing an NSX, $2179 per month. 

Other cars on display, how about an original 1971 Buick Riviera! I'd never seen or noticed these vents on the trunk. 

Your choice of yellow cars, Corvette or the Hellcat. 

And then another Italian showed up, an Alfa Romeo 4C. This car has a carbon fiber tub main body. 

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