Thursday, January 24, 2019

Surprise! NMS Announces New Cars for 2019!

In a statement released from their HQ in Columbia SC, the NMS squad today revealed two new acquisitions to the racing fleet for use in this year's driving season. While the team has retained the current 99 Miata, and 13 FIAT Abarth, the new cars appear to be another Miata and a product from Germany that rhymes with "BMW." While this comes as a shocker, we're blaming it on the partial government shutdown (currently not getting paid at NMS-North) and the recent Full Blood Wolf Mocha Venti Moon. 

The "new" Miata breaks tradition for the NMS squad, since it's not red, but purple. Also, while not strictly an NMS car, this Miata will be the new Lemons mode of transport for the class winning Team Coronautski, so Brian and the rest of the Coronautski drivers are happy with their 2nd purple car! So far the team has wrangled the Mazda back to NMS in SC, cleaned out the fuel tank, gotten the engine to run and drive, and begun to strip the interior for racing prep for a full roll cage and racing seats. You can see some of the early work on this Miata below. Look for this car to hit the full 24 Hours of Lemons at Carolina Motorsports Park late in April. 

NMS-South driver Brian has added to his track plans with another red car, this one a BMW that should be seeing some driving action later this year. Previously owned by Team Coronautski driver John, we know this car is fast too! Some say this car was slowly smuggled out of the factory in Munchen, piece by piece, in cases of German beer, and exported to the USA. We're not so sure about that, but will be happy to research any German beer you name. Other sources have uncovered evidence that both NMS drivers once lived in Bavaria, so you never know, maybe they smuggled it out of the factory 7 years ago and just now got the car reassembled. 


If it's red, it runs!

"New" Lemons car for Team Coronautski
For Sale Cheap: Used Gunky Gasoline from the Miata

Race Car Prep Step One: Remove Interior

Race Car Prep Step Two: No Really, REMOVE THE INTERIOR

View From Where the Stock Fuel Tank Would Be

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