Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mustang For Sale--SOLD!

Resting indoors in Virginia

Well, you know that 6 cylinder Mustang we bought at auction last year? It's time of taking up space in the NMS-North garage is over, so we're offering it for sale in this Hampton Roads area Craigslist ad:Mustang

Let's answer the FAQ for you!

1. Yes, we have the title
2. No, it doesn't run right now.
3. Yes, the body is in good shape, so are the tires and wheels, that's why we bought it!
4. No, the odometer doesn't work, but it's around 198,000 miles from looking at the information we could find from previous owners.
5. Yes, we're asking $400 in US cash, currency, coins, or Saturday's winning Powerball ticket!
6. No,  we don't know much more about it, bought it at an abandoned auction, and was kind of hoping it ran or would be fixable for less than the cost of a replacement motor.
7. Yes, it gets fuel and spark, just doesn't turn over due to low compression.
8. No, I don't want to buy your motor unless you're donating!
9. Yes, it has both a Chiltons and a Haynes repair manual, how about that!
10. Yes, it does have a "Salt Life" sticker on the rear window already!
11. No, it's not a convertible, but it has an after market moon roof!
12. Yes, it's red, the fastest of all colors!
13. Yes, I'm sure it's 6 cylinders, I counted them myself.
14. No, I didn't miss counting two more cylinders.
15 Yes, I've got the key!
16. Yes, 5 speed manual transmission.

Shoot us a note in the comments section, or contact a friendly NMS driver near you for more information!

Pretty nice looking, huh?

Comes with Motor!

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